Quality of Life App

Get in on Level 9 App – Don’t miss Out

Have you ever wished you could find those opportunities that you could make some extra money and get in at the top of the company? Well, now is your chance! Last night this company launched its pre-enrollment and I was not going to pass up the opportunity to get in on top.

As a Brand Partner for the Level 9 “Quality of Life” app you have a “one-of-a-kind” opportunity to make a difference in your own financial and personal life, as well as, the lives of others you know and love. Each Brand Partner believes in free enterprise, recognizes their destiny is in their own control and ultimately are inspired to help others.

The “Quality of Life APP” is a powerful, life-altering APP that can be downloaded to any Android, iPhone or iPad. For those of you who do not own one of the aforementioned communication devices, Level 9 Marketing is making available a way to download the APP content to any PC.

Initially there will be four areas of content regarding the Level 9 APP. They are Health Issues, Wealth Building Concepts, Lifestyle Choices and Daily Happiness/Prosperity Quotes for your consideration.

Right now you can simply go to my own personal sign-up page and enroll as a new Brand Partner. This sign-up page is for our pre-enrollment period only and will soon be replaced with our permanent webpage. This is your time to get in before this goes viral! Visit my site now to learn more and become part of this awesome opportunity! https://www.l9app.com/silviashamus

The “Official Launch” of Level 9 will be on April 01, 2013. Don’t wait and let tons of people join before you do!

Finally, I just want to once again personally welcome each of you to our “Family”.
Fasten your seat belt, it is going to be an exciting ride ahead!

Enroll with L9App Now!

Silvia Shamus
L9 Executive Brand Partner


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