Steps to Email Marketing


Write an effective subject line. First of all, we have to keep in mind the risk of being flagged as spam.

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  • While there are plenty of ways you can ratchet up the impact of your subject lines, balance this impulse by remembering you want to maintain the long term value of your list. The maximum subject line length will be enforced by your software, but always try to keep it below 50 characters (including punctuation and spaces), because after that you are almost guaranteed to get cropped by email clients.
  • As a Virtual Assistant, it is a good idea to aim for much lower, a goal of 20-30 characters has worked well in my testing, and certainly those with below 30-40 characters perform much better than those above.
  • Ideas for subject lines are: News – Tell your recipients what’s new, something that is happening or just happened that they will want to know about,
    • Tips – “How to” is a great way to get your email opened, providing you connect your solution to the recipients needs, Offers.
  • Make a compelling offer that the recipient will want to take up and Questions,
  • Ask a question that the reader will answer “yes” to, or maybe put the subject in the form of a mystery or puzzle where the they will feel compelled to find out the answer.
  • 2

    Perfect your copy message. Always keep in mind the recipient, and write to them.

    • In the marketing world AIDA is an acronym used as shorthand for:
      • Attention – Get them to open the email
      • Interest – Introduce the email well. Give them something interesting to read so they don’t hit delete right away
      • Desire – Build motivation in the body of the email
      • Action – Drive the reader to click your link
  • 3

    Keep it interesting. Rather than launching into a sales message, make the email about them.Instead of your products and all the fantastic things you can sell, write about your list members problems and how to solve them. Your products and services can be introduced as part of that solution.

    • Just as the subject line is there to get the email open, your intro needs to do one job; get them to read the rest of the email!Tell a story, capture some interest, build a mystery, whatever it takes to make your reader stop thinking about what is for lunch and take notice of what you have to say.
    • It does not need to be pushy, conversational works best.
  • 4

    Final step: ACTION. Your email has a goal, and that is to get people to do something; take action.The Action part confuses people. This might sound strange in a series about email marketing but I do NOT suggest you try to sell directly from the email message. That is asking too much. Just get them to click through to the landing page is probably sufficient. While people do manage to sell in their emails and drop people straight onto a credit card page, I think you will have much more success just getting people interested in reading more about your offer. Action does not necessarily mean “sale”. It could be a click, or could be hitting “reply”.


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