Things I Hate!

I don’t like getting up early.

(I’ve never seen a sunrise that was worth me getting up that early to see it.)
I don’t like being told when I can eat.
I don’t like being forced to spend long periods of time with people that I wouldn’t choose to spend time with if I met socially.
I don’t like ‘have to’s’.

You can’t avoid them. But I much prefer arranging my affairs in a way that I spend my time doing things I LIKE to do (which doesn’t feel like a ‘have to’ even if it is)…..

…..or the ability to just get someone else to do what I don’t want to do. (Which is why someone else is cleaning my house right now.)
I don’t like having to subjugate myself to someone who’s got 1/10th of my talent but is in an elevated position because they played politics better than I was willing to.
I don’t like being told “you’re not a team player” just because everyone else is willing to do something that I consider stupid and inefficient.
I don’t like looking at clocks.
I hate this stuff.


So, naturally, “working at a job” wasn’t going to be a good deal for me.
But I didn’t know that at first.
Because, when you’re 18 (or whatever) and everyone else has a job, you assume that’s the method you need to use to make money, too.
So, I tried. I really did. I tried hard to fit into the “job mold”.
But, on every job I had (even the ones I didn’t completely hate)…..
….I was still left thinking….

“Why am I doing this? Why am I selling my life in 40-hour chunks to a company that pays me less than I’m worth?” Or, “Why am I letting someone else run my life and tell me what I can and can’t do?”
Someone once asked me….”Do you think you’re too good to take out the trash?”
I said, “Not at all. I think I’m too good to take out YOUR trash….and I think I’m a fool to work in a place where that’s all you think I’m capable of.”
I didn’t last too long on those jobs.
The shortest job ever was 2 days at Red Lobster. Those people work HARD….and for not much money and even less respect.
So, ultimately, I finally had to admit that a job just wasn’t going to work for me.
So, I decided to make a bunch of money from home instead.
Good choice for me and my family.
Maybe a good choice for you, too.

Here’s the simplest, fastest and easier way I’ve

ever seen to create a simple $100/day income.

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If you hate jobs….do this instead.


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